Covid-19 Policy

Mulberry Divers have conducted a Risk Assessment using available Guidance and determined to implement the approach documented below.

CovId-19 Procedure 

  1. Mulberry Diver capacity will be an absolute maximum of 5 people to meet social distancing requirements (5 + Skipper = 6); usually we will operate with 4 passengers but depending on Household Bubbles may be able to accommodate 5. 
  2. The Dive Rack and Handholds will be cleaned before and after each Trip using Antiseptic Alcohol Wipes which will be disposed of on land; Liquid Disinfectants will not be used to avoid Pollution. 
  3. Equipment is to be assembled and tested beforehand and items such as hood, gloves, fins, water bottle are all to be in a single carry-on bag. Please note that the Skipper is not able to look after Keys - bring a Dry bag in your carry-on bag.
  4. Please wait in a socially distanced manner on the sea wall whilst the previous boat disembarks and the boat is cleaned. Whilst on the ramp or beach waiting to board please maintain social distancing.
  5. Face masks should be worn whilst embarking / disembarking the boat and whenever it is not possible to maintain a 2m social distance. Please bring Hand Sanitiser for your personal use.
  6. Each diver (or Household Bubble) will need to be able to board and disembark Mulberry Diver independently without assistance from the Skipper or another passenger. Consequently Mulberry Diver may not operate if the Skipper believes independent boarding and disembarking is not feasible even though weather conditions might normally be suitable.
  7. Boarding : Ramp usable (mid-tide to HW) - await the Skipper’s command to board individually and move to your position as directed by the Skipper. Put your BCD in the dive rack in front of you and place your carry-on bag next to your equipment - weights should be placed on the floor next to your cylinder.
  8. Boarding : Beach Loading (low-tide) - the Skipper will indicate your position on the boat; place your carry-on bag and weight belt in the boat at your position. Place your BCD on the tubes next to your position and ensure it is secure before boarding the boat and placing your BCD in the dive rack.
  9. Buddy checks should be performed socially distanced unless a household / bubble - please follow agency guidance regarding emergency regulator checks bearing in mind that simply purging the regulator does not guarantee it will work underwater.
  10. Please do not spit in your mask - use antifog.
  11. One buddy pair / trio to kit-up at a time; exit the boat on the skippers command. Keep social distance on the surface and avoid breathing out from regulators towards your buddy.
  12. On surfacing - only approach the boat when you are the only buddy pair alongside - the Skipper will be able to take fins by their tips only - keep your regulator in. There will be lanyards alongside the boat if you prefer to remove weights or BCD prior too climbing the ladder - the Skipper will not be able to help with these items. Climb the ladder, retrieve and stow your equipment as directed. Please note that the last person back on the boat will be asked to raise and secure the ladder. If you exit the water without your BCD please ensure you are socially distant as you return to your seat - put a face mask on before retrieving equipment if possible.
  13. On return to the beach, disembarkment will normally be onto the beach. When the Skipper indicates, place your weights, carry-on bag and BCD on the tubes and then enter the water - wear or ferry the items to the beach.
  14. Regrettably we will not be able to provide the normal hot drink after your dive.

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