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What I love about Freediving is how inclusive it is, if you love water you can start freediving and gain all the health benefits whilst having fun. You work with your body to develop your skills enabling you to stay longer with greater comfort as you progress. When you get it right from the start it will lay a solid foundation and equip you with the knowledge you need to take your sport where you want to go.


At Mulberry Divers we like to offer you the best, which is why we are collaborating with Embodied Practices and the Yoga Garden, to bring you the Ultimate Freediving Beginner Experience. This whole-body approach includes The SSI Pool Freediver Course, Breathing and stretching workshop, beginner’s yoga and mindfulness for freediving, nutrition advice for energy on a diving day, a Mares freediving mask and snorkel and two additional development pool sessions to tailor your training plan.
We will begin with your academic studies online and then on the 21st February we will meet at the Yoga Garden for the yoga, breathing and nutritional advice workshops. Finally, on dates we agree together, you take all your knowledge into the pool for the skills and development sessions to gain your SSI Pool Freediver Course.
Spaces are limited and you will be working with Anya and Marcela in a group of just two in each workshop. This ensures that you get the personal attention that you need. Each aspect has been planned to meet restrictions on social distancing and to maximise your comfort and safety.
The total cost is £650 per person and we require a non-refundable deposit in the amount of £100 to secure your place. To book, or for more information, contact Anya Frampton by either calling 01243 601000 or email
Get started today, the right way, with the Ultimate Freediving Beginner Experience.



Freediving is an amazing sport, It is a great way to exercise but have fun at the same time! Working on your relaxation you will not realise the work out you are getting at the same time. If you would to find out more then we offer the following courses. 

TFD The SSI Try Freediving Experience is an introduction into the sport. It is a great way to see if you enjoy it. The Experience is led by an Instructor who during the hour and a half session will show you how to relax, breath and enjoy. We hold Try Freediving Experiences regularly so why not find out what it is all about. 

The SSI Basic Freediving Course is a more advanced introduction to the sport. You will certifed to a depth of  five metres, on completion so is the perfect course for water lovers looking to get more from their snorkeling activites. You study a manual at home in your own time, attend a workshop to learn breathing techniques and theory and take part in two pool sessions. If you want we can even add an optiional open water session - just ask! The Basic Freediving qualifaction it is the minimum (or equivalent) that you need to join pool sessions. 

 FD1 The SSI Level 1 Freediving Course teaches the skills and concepts required to safely freedive to 20 meters. We cover the theory of Freediving, correct breathing techniques and then move to confined water to learn the skills and techniques ready for Open Water. During your Open Water Training you will develop your skills whilst learning how to safety and rescue a buddy. We work together to explore how far a single breath of air can take you. 


Ready to get started? We run Try Freediving, Basic Freediving and the Pool/Level 1 course on a regular basis, contact the Dive Centre to find out more, or why not drop in for chat we would be delighted to see you. 

Experience and Adventure - After your training we are here to help you continue to develop and grow. We will have the pool sessions, excursions on our boat to explore local sites, guided holidays and events. From talks, workshops and the social opportunities to interact and meet other Freedivers, we aim to offer something that will interest you. To keep up with all the news and events at Mulberry Freedivers click here to sign up for the newsletter. 

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