Guided Dives

Want to go Diving but don’t have a Buddy?

Want to Dive one of our local Wrecks but prefer someone to show you the site first?

Recently qualified and prefer to build some experience with a Guide first?

A Guided Dive might be the answer… of our SSI Qualified Dive Professionals will Dive with you and ensure you get the maximum out of your time underwater. 

A typical Guided Dive includes:

  • meeting you at the Dive Centre, completing the standard Medical Questionnaire / Liability Releases and ensuring you have all the necessary equipment
  • planning the Dive together and ensuring you understand the nature of the Dive, expected conditions and identifying any specific requirements or requests 
  • Meeting you at the Dive Site / Car Park, preparing and checking Dive Equipment (see Note 1)
  • Shore Diving
    • site briefing / facilities / emergency assistance plan; introduction to Shore Cover Support 
  • Boat Diving
    • boarding the boat, boat briefing from Skipper (Safety and Personal lifesaving equipment, Exits, Entries, Journey Time) and Site Briefing after arrival at dive site
  • Dive!!!
  • Boat Dive
    • Hot Drink on Boat, 
  • Post Dive - Logbooks, Hot Drink at Dive Centre

Total Time 3-4 hours

Diver Qualification Level Shore Dive Boat Dive -
includes all Boat Fees
Rescue Qualified Diver - see Note 2 tba tba
Non-Rescue Qualified - Any Level - see Note 3 tba tba
Additional Diver (eg Buddy Pair) tba tba
Equipment Hire is charged separately    


1 We are not able to provide transport from the dive centre to the dive site or car park; both are within 10 minutes walk and we can provide transport for equipment.

2 Rescue Qualified = SSI Stress & Rescue Diver, PADI Rescue Diver, BSAC Sports Diver or any higher level qualification

3  UK HSE Requirements

Our Staff are considered to be ‘At Work’ by the HSE when acting as Guides and hence it is necessary that everyone who is diving together can help each other if necessary - in practical terms, the HSE requirement is that if you are not Rescue Qualified then we will need to provide two Guides so that if necessary, one Guide can help the other in an Emergency Situation. 

The HSE have issued a Fact Sheet on the subject which outlines the requirements and advice to the Diver being Guided.


If you intend to make reqular use of Guided Dives we would strongly recommend you complete the SSI Rescue Diver course, not just because it will position you to handle situations better, but because you will also save money!

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