Mulberry Diver Safety Brief

Mulberry Diver is MCA Coded Cat 4 and certified to operate upto 20 miles from a safe haven in conditions of favourable weather and daylight.

We are required to provide a Safety brief prior to each Trip; normally this is given by the Skipper but to reduce face-to-face communciation, the Safety Brief is included in the Boat Declaration and you are asked to sign that you have read.



Safety Equipment is carried onboard as follows:


Large white container in steel cage at the front of the boat; to use, tie the painter to a metal rail and throw overboard. Further instructions on the side of the container.


At the front of the boat in the Black / White Dry Bag - instructions for use inside. One per Person plus 2 spare. Alternatively consider use of BCD.

Fire Extinguishers


One on Console in front of passenger seat; one under Skipper’s seat. 

Radio Instructions

Radio is on console in front of passenger seat; instructions for use in Emergency on top of Console


Flares are kept in Yellow Tub on A Frame; Gloves provided - instructions on side of Flare.

Navigation and reaching Safe Refuge.

GPS screen is on left of Console; Instructions on how to access Preprogrammed Points including East Beach, Selsey are in the Training Manual under the Passenger Seat together with Chart

Engine Controls

Instructions on how to drive the boat in the absence of the Skipper are under the Passenger Seat.

First Aid

First Aid kit is in the Yellow Square Tub at the front of the boat together with a First Aid Manual

Oxygen Kit

Oxygen Equipment is a 10 litre 200 Bar cylinder in a black dry bag next to the Liferaft on the port (left) side. There are two RescueEAN kits in the Large Yellow Tub at the front - instructions for use included; these allow use of Oxygen mask and continuous flow.

MOB recovery

Please sit on the Tubes and use the most comfortable Handholds. If you feel yourself falling overboard, let go of the boat. 

If you see someone fall overboard - shout ‘Man Overboard’ and point to them - keep pointing to them until we are alongside them. 


2 on A frame at stern; 18m buoyant line on one. Throw and point to person in the water.

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