Boat Schedule 2020

Like every business, we have conducted the Risk Assessment required by the Government and identified how we can operate in a Covid-19 Secure way.

Every diver will get a copy of the new Boat Declaration form (Government mandated declaration re Covid-19), our Covid-19 Procedure and the Mulberry Diver Safety Brief.

Please note - as part of the 1m Plus Social Distancing, every Diver must have a Face Mask - no Face Mask, no Dive.

We operate a Shuttle Service which can be booked by individuals or groups; with upto 4 dives a day, we can cater for most types of Dives and we offer suggestions for Dive Itineraries or Options to fit within a Budget. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want help with planning your dives.

Trip prices

For 2020, we now expect to operate with a capacity of just 4 divers - obviously this represents a significant reduction in revenue although the fixed costs remain the same. We will mainly operate Inshore / Coastal dives to allow everyone to resume Diving safely and to minimise Trip costs.

Inshore Trips £30 (upto 3 miles); Coastal Trip £35 (upto 6 miles)

The published schedule covers only weekends - if you would like to have a private charter on a Thursday or Friday, please email to check dates / planned dives - preference obviously to those who can fill a whole boat or offer two or three dives a day.

Additional dives will be added to the weekend Schedule on a rolling basis to give us the flexibility to respond to changes on Government Gudielines.


Use the Book button adjacent to the listed dive to reserve your space on one or more dive(s) - the Dive Centre is only open part-time at present so this is the only way to Book.

Please ring between 1600 and 1700 the day before your booked dive to confirm that there are no changes to diving arrangements and to Pay - we are minimising visits to the Dive Centre to aid social distancing; the Dive Centre will not necessarily be open when the first boat operates.

The Boat Declaration form asks you to confirm that you are not suffering from Covid-19 to the best of your knowledge - obviously, if you think you are, the earlier you let us know, the easier it is to fill boat spaces - please don't wait until the night before!

Date Time Site Cost Depth (m) Spaces Available  
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