Diving Training Levels - How far do you want to go?

SSI would like to recognise your progression and experience as a diver, therefore there are a number of Diver Levels that you are given as you reach the required milestones. These are free of charge Diver Recognition levels that reflect your training and experience as a diver. Use your ODiN profile to log your dive numbers then as you reach the qualifying criteria the certification is automatically issued to you!

Speciality Diver  - once you have achieved your Open Water Diver qualification, logged 12 or more dives and completed two speciality courses then you become a Speciality Diver. 

Advanced Open Water Diver - you have now logged 24 or more dives and completed four speciality courses of your choice and become an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Master Diver - you have now logged 50 or more dives and completed Diver Stress and Rescue in addition to your four speciality courses and become a Master Diver.

You will also gain recognition for the dives that you complete beyond your Open Water Diver Training these are Century Diver (100 Dives), Silver Diver (300 Dives), Gold Diver (500 Dives), Platinum Diver (1000 dives) and Platinum Pro (5000 dives). If you have trained with another agency why not ask about how the courses and dives you have already done count towards the recognition levels - you may already qualify!