Equipment Programs

Dry Suit Diving (2 dives) - ok so sometimes the water around our shores can be a little colder, however  you can make diving a year-round activity by learning the basics of using a dry suit on this course. The Dry Suit Diving Program will teach you how to select and properly use your personally fitted dry suit. Aside from your comfort underwater, proper insulation and protection is also important for your safety.
Equipment Techniques (plus 2 optional dive) –your Total Diving System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time.  On this course you will learn about how dive equipment has developed, how to make equipment selection best suited for you, care and maintenance of your equipment and how to properly store it to ensure performance and it's extended lifetime. This can be a land based course so is ideal for the winter months.
Independent Diving (3 dives) - The purpose of this course is to expand the skills and knowledge of the diver to make a safe dive without the direct assistance of a buddy taking into account what kind of equipment is necessary for performance and safety and how it is used. Divers like photographers and diveleaders often find themselves in situations in which they have to fully depend on their own skills and equipment while buddies are very inexperienced and/or are not available at all;  being prepared to fully rely on yourself provides safer divers and diveleaders.  In the end, every student should understand that independent diving is just as safe as diving with an experienced buddy 
Photo and Video (2 dives) – "leave only bubbles take only memories". Learn everything you need to know to be a successful underwater photographer! Digital Underwater Photography will teach you the proper photography techniques to get better results instantly and teach you how to optimize your camera system with valuable accessories. This course can assist you whether you are a snorkeller or diver to improve your technique.
  Recreational Sidemount Diving (minimum 2 dives)- this kind of diving is already common practice for a lot of wreck and cave divers. Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more recreational divers. The ease of movement without a heavy tank on your back and the new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages to getting involved.



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