2019 marks 75 years since D-Day and the Allied invasion of Normandy - it's also therefore 75 years since the Mulberry harbour was created and individual components brought to Selsey prior to transit across the Channel. Many people will be familiar with the Inner and Outer mulberry units that are dived on a regular basis - there are however many other fragments under the waters in front of Selsey.

Five years ago, Southsea Sub Aqua spent the Summer exploring many Mulberry elements off Selsey and published a report, Mulberry 70, complete with hand sketches, updated positions - however some objects were not found, perhaps lost to deterioration or incorrect positions. In 2016, there was a Hydrographic survey of the Pagham / Selsey area and a number of new marks have now appeared on the Admiralty chart - some of which may relate to Mulberry Harbour elements.

This years's Boat Schedule includes several dives labelled Mulberry 75 - these dives will focus on a specific mark(s) and if all goes well, find and record what is present - these are intended to be relaxed 'exploration' dives, max depth 10-12m; it is of course possible that sometimes no wreck elements will be found at a particular location but hopefully knowledge will be gained!

This webpage will be updated to reflect progress and news - please don't hesitate to make suggestions on sites to dive, information to acquire or contact us if you just want to know more!

Mulberry 75 Dives in current Boat Schedule

26th April
5th May  
6th May Intended to look at Valentine Tank in Bracklesham Bay
17th May  
6th June D-DAY Anniversary - two dives on Far Mulberry
7th June  
9th August  
16th August  

We'll arrange more dives as appropriate and where possible in advance, be more specific on planned dive sites.



Page picture shows Phoenix A Mulberry Harbour units at Portland, Dorset.

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