Take part in the SSI Master Diver Challenge!

Become a SSI Master Diver in 2018 / 2019 and automatically be entered in the Prize Draw.

How do I become a SSI Master Diver?

To achieve the SSI Master Diver Recognition Level, you need to:

- complete 4 Speciality Diving Courses

- complete the SSI Stress and Rescue course or equivalent

- have logged at least 50 dives in the SSI App / Dive Log

Once you have achieved the criteria, you are automatically awarded a Free Digital Recognition Card as a SSI Master Diver

I already have 2 Specialities from another Training Agency - do i still qualify?

That's fine - at least 2 of the Specialities must be SSI courses so you can include 2 from another Training Agency. Your local SSI Dive Centre will need to see your Certification cards so that the details can be added onto your online SSI Training Record.

I completed my Rescue course with another Agency - does that count?

Your Rescue course from another Training Agency will be counted  - for the purposes of the Challenge, it is viewed as a Speciality Course, so you would then need 3 SSI Diving Specialities.

Which SSI Specialities count towards the Master Diver Challenge?

Any SSI Speciality that involves Diving counts - Deep Dving, Navigation, Dry Suit Diving, Perfect buoyancy, Night and Limited Visibility, Boat Diving to name a few as well as Enriched Air Nitrox and Equipment Techniques if taken with the optional open water dives.

My SSI Specialities were earned in warm waters - does that matter?

No - so long as you fulfil the criteria for SSI Master Diver by 31st December and are affiliated to a SSI UK Dive Centre. We're very happy to look at individual Divers Training and Diving history with a view to helping them Go Diving and achieve the Challenge!

I'm just an Open Water Diver - how long do I have to complete the Challenge?

To quality for the Prize Draw, you should fulfil the criteria to be a SSI Master DIver by 31st December 2019. We are very happy to help you plan how you might achieve this; we can advise on the Speciality course Options, identify opportunities to Go Diving and provide occasional motivation if required!

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