Scenic Dive Sites

We have several Dive Sites that are Scenic - the majority are <18m and particularly suitable for those looking to build experience, take pictures or just have a relaxing dive.

Dive Sussex is the standard reference book for this area; good on background and descriptive details, the positions given cannot always be relied upon; it should be remembered that this book is now 30 years old and the condition of many sites has changed!

References to Dive Sussex refer to the Site Number (and not the Page)

We have provided links to supporting background information and particularly good Videos / Photos wherever possible.

Some basic information is provided for each Site as follows:

XYZ =Dive site name, approximate journey time to the site from Selsey based on an average boat speed of 15 knots, approximate depth indication


Bognor Rocks, 20 minutes, 10m

Nominally possible as a Shore Dive, Bognor Rocks is a reef that curves out from the beach, West of Bognor Regis pier; we tend to dive only around High Water to ensure a reasonable depth of 6-8m. The reef is well potted and boat manoeuvrability can be limited by the lengthy surface lines often with somewhat indistinct flags. Marine life is typically plentiful and comprises what might be called the 'Usual Suspects' - Crabs, Lobsters, Blennies, Nudibranchs. Drift is towards the West (back towards Selsey, ebb tide).

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of each dive on Bognor Rocks.

Reference : Dive Sussex 2, 78

Hounds (Reef), 15 minutes, 10m - Proposed MCZ

Hounds (Reef) is in Bracklesham Bay, just under a mile offshore opposite the Medmerry Breach. The centre of the reef dries on a large tide and the depth on the outer edges is 8-10m at most; it is well potted by the local Selsey fishermen - typically all pots are well marked and usually laid in lines parallel to the drift so there is minimal likeliood of snagging SMB lines. We normally dive this on the ebb tide so the drift is towards Portsmouth; the trip out includes rounding Selsey Bill itself (but not at low tide!).

There is usually plenty of marine life on the Hounds themselves and just off - the limestone rocks and gullies conceal lobsters and crabs, with Wrasse and Pollack typically nearby; marbled Rays have been seen off the side.

Visibility on this site can vary and since the Medmerry Breach was created, there can be a lot of run-off - we do monitor visibility and will always offer an alternative if we believe it warranted.

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of each dive on the Hounds.

Seasearch Survey report on Selsey Bill and the Hounds - recommended MCZ

The Wildlife Trusts - Selsey Bill and the Hounds - recommended MC

Reference : Dive Sussex 5

Far Mulberry, 10 minutes, 10m

One of the many remains of the Mulberry Harbours which were constructed in this area; you might consider this to be a Wreck site. After more than 60 years under the water this is now a wonderful reef approximately 60ms longs by 17ms wide. The North end is the best preserved and is covered in white and orange dead men's fingers, various anemones and two patches of jewel anemones. As you tour round the reef you can expect to see schools of pouting, pollack, bass, wrasse, poor cod and bid. There is normally a large school of fish at the bottom of the shot waiting to greet you. You can also find conger eels, tompot blennies, gobies, crabs and lobsters in addition to seasonal visitors like the cuttlefish and lumpsuckers. Only 2.5 miles from East Beach with an average depth 10m. As the Mulberry is made of reinforced concrete which is decaying watch out for sharp spikes.

Nature Trail

Once you have explored the Far Mulberry you can follow the Nature trail out over the sandy bottom (look out for rays, lobsters, cuttlefish, dogfish and various anemones) to a World War II Landing Craft, then onto a Cuckoo (WWII Air/Sea Rescue Float) before returning to the Mulberry. Both the Landing Craft and the Cuckoo are home to a number of tompot blennies, gobies, lobsters and crabs. Occassionally you can find baby cuttlefish.

Reference Dive Sussex 59 (Far Mulberry), 61 (Infantry Landing Craft), 62 (Cuckoo), 60 (Concrete Petrol Barge - not found recently; possibly fully disintegrated)

Mixon Hole, 10 minutes, 28m - Proposed MCZ

The signature scenic dive for the area.........a vertical blue clay cliff from 6m down to 20-24m provides a unique experience.

Just a mile from Selsey Lifeboat Station, the dive site is marked by a South Cardinal Buoy which replaced the old Cormorant Resting Place / Marker Pole in 2015. The Mixon Hole lies at the Eastern end of the Looe Channel that connects the Solent to the Eastern Channel......currents through here can be significant so we only dive this site on Neap tides. Our standard approach is to drop divers off just in front of the Cardinal Marker in a depth of 5-6m; a short swim South / South East brings you to the cliff edge - this shallow area on top has luxuriant marine growth and life. The blue clay cliff drops vertically to a gravel bottom - there are occasional crabs and lobsters where boulders are dotted into the clay. Spherical balls (rumoured to be from Roman catapaults) dot one area of the bottom which is usually a good place to see Cat-Sharks, Smoothhounds and Rays. The video link below shows the Mixon at its best.

Surface Marker Buoys - Divers are asked to deploy at 10m on ascent or at all times whilst on the 5-6m ledge.

Check out this video provided by Peter Cox, GOMB Productions to see the Mixon at its best

Seasearch Survey report on Selsey Bill and the Hounds - recommended MCZ

The Wildlife Trusts - Selsey Bill and the Hounds - recommended MC

Reference : Dive Sussex 18

Cardinal Buoy - Mixon Hole


Selsey Drift Dives, 10 minutes, upto 12m

There is no set location for the Selsey Drift Dives - whether the tide is flooding or ebbing will dictate whether we go East or West initially and distance out will be partly dependent on wind direction and visibility; in general, these dives will be a reasonably paced Drift over a flat bottom of gravel / weed. Marine Life seen typically includes Cat-Sharks (aka Dogfish), Starry Smoothhounds, various Rays (Undulate, Blonde, Thornback and sometimes Stingrays or Atlantics), Starfish and Crabs / Lobsters; very occasionally Seahorses are seen.

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of any Selsey Drift Dive.

Waldrens Reef - Drift, 30 minutes, 18m

Opposite Bognor Regis and approximately two miles offshore are the Waldrens (or Waldrons) - large Sandstone boulders scattered across the seabed to form numerous nooks, crannies and almost caves; Depth is around 18m and since this is usually a drift dive, then care may be needed to navigate the obstacles. Plentiful marine life.

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of any Waldrens dive.

Reference : Dive Sussex 81

Shoal of Lead Drift, 20 minutes, 15m

New for 2017, this is planned to occur on the South Side of the Owers , always on a Flood tide so the drift will be towards East Borough Head. 

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