Speciality Programmes

Congratulations, you have completed your Open Water Diver Course and want to develop your skills in other areas. The SSI Continuing Education Program is flexible, menu-based and streamlined,allowing you to continue your training in the areas of interest to you. The programs generally consists of independent study, academic workshop with exam and Open Water Dives. There are some Speciality Courses that require additional confined water training or in fact are land based. You will always be given full details at the time of booking. 

Speciality Programs at Mulberry Divers

Boat Diving - learn the techniques necessary to dive properly from all sizes and types of boats thus helping you avoid problems and hazards.


Deep Diving - The Deep Diving Program will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience required to make these types of dives safely and comfortably so you can explore the blue.


Navigation – You will learn how to navigate with a compass and how to apply natural navigation skills, estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to marking points and be able to get back to the exit point.


Night & Limited Visibility -  This program is filled with information about planning and conducting night and limited visibility dives for fun, adventure and exploration.


Perfect Buoyancy - This program will improve your swimming position and reduce your effort which will lead to less air consumption allowing you to feel more comfortable under water and able to stay for longer. 


Waves, Tides and Currents - You will learn to interact with waves when entering from shore, how to act in a rip current and other water conditions and how to harness the power of the water movement so you can glide effortlessly along.
Wreck Diving - With the proper training and knowledge you get all you need to have the "Ultimate Diving Experience".


By completing Speciality Courses and Dives you earn the SSI Recognition Levels and can become a Master Diver. Why not ask us for more details on the Master Diver Programme at Mulberry Divers?






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