The Team


We are a dive centre based at Selsey West Sussex. Our commitment and passion is UK diving and all the team share our passion. 

So who are the Team............. 

We are absolutely passionate about diving both in terms of our own diving and in trying to ensure that you are provided with the best possible diving experiences. We believe some of our best diving has been here in the UK. 

So our focus is on persuading you to learn to dive, then ensuring that you continue to dive by offering you a range of different dive opportunities, experience (training) and equipment. We organise holidays and training overseas however we work hard to persuade you to dive in the UK and find out what you have been missing!  To help us achieve this we have a small dedicated support team. So come and join us for a tea or coffee and meet at least some of the team or read on to find out more about the key members of team: 

Linda Frampton - SSI Instructor Trainer - In 2000 Steve and I booked a holiday to Corsica at very short notice. On our first day we did a try dive and were hooked! First week of holiday learning to dive and second week persuading everyone to take us diving. Back in the UK we completed Advanced in Stoney Cove in January then off to the Red Sea. From then on diving was our passion. My best dives to date - there are so many.. Far Mulberry with cuttlefish and John Dory, Madivaru, Maldives with the Manta Rays, Los Galletos, Tenerife with the Turtles, Tabarka Scapa Flow for viz and drift, Papua New Guinea for beautiful reefs and a plethora of macrolife. 


Steve Frampton - SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer, RYA Advanced PowerBoat Skipper, ASSET/ Oceanic / Hollis/ MaresLab Technician -Both Linda and I learnt to dive together and since then we have enjoyed many hours underwater in various locations around the world with so many happy and wonderful memories. We've tried to distill all the good, bad and ugly that we have seen and experienced to create the service we offer our clients today. There are so many dives to remember: manta rays in the Maldives, Tabarka wreck dive in Scapa Flow, cuttlefish on the Far Mulberry. This year I am hoping to find our local seahorses...



Elaine Thain - SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor  - I have been diving since 2005 when I qualified as an Open Water diver to help me fulfil my dream of swimming with dolphins. I had no idea then quite how much more there was to see under the water and in particular what the colder waters of the UK had to offer! 10 years on I have aquired a strange addicition to the cold underwater climate and all it has to offer and became eager to share my passion with others. I became an Instructor in 2011 giving me the chance to share UK waters with new divers whenever I can. There is of course, nothing quite like that first trip to warm crystal clear waters abroad! My favourite dive trip was to Sipidan in Northern Borneo in 2009 where turtles and sharks were a regular part of every dive but my favourite experience has to be in the Philippines. I return there regularly to dive into the amazing mix of macro life one day and sharks and Whale sharks the next.


Anya Frampton - SSI Freediving Instructor / SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor - I learnt to dive in 2006 and rapidly realised during my first open water dive that I was hooked- so much wonderful marine life to see. I have enjoyed a number of wonderful dives. Highlights include: watching a lobster catch and eat tea on the Far Mulberry immediately after completing Open Water, the large turtle snacking on coral at Abu Soma, Safaga; swim past by an Angel Shark at Palma de Mare, Tenerife, close encounter with Oceanic White Tip, Red Sea and the simply perfectly formed Bobtail Squid, Dauin - Philippines. Diving has given me the opporunity to visit some amazing places and see some incrediable marine life at home and abroad and I love being part of helping other people to experience the marine world and make some great memories of their own!



biorobRobert Thain - SSI Open Water Instructor - In 2009 I came across an article asking for artists to apply for a grant from the Society of Wildlife Artists. They were looking for artists who were prepared to learn to dive to create artworks of the UK's coastal sea-life. I approached the only diver I knew and grilled her over coffee. I didn't get selected but I did start my Open Water Training in 2011. I have dived all sorts of inland and coastal sites but my best dives so far were on a trip to the Philippines a few years ago where I came face to face with my first turtle. I am really looking forward to getting back to there and discovering more. Some years later I have married the only diver I knew and love my aquatic adventure so much that I have decided to try taking it a little more seriously and in November 2018 I became an Open Water Instructor.



 Alan Rines - SSI Divemaster - I first dived nearly 40 years ago, whilst on holiday in the South of France. I  have been a PADI Professional for over 13 years during which time I've  helped  hundreds of people to discover  the amazing world that scuba diving offers. I have been lucky enough to have dived all over the world including Bali, Hawaii, California and Florida, France, Sardinia, numerous Greek Islands, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Tunisia, many of the Baleric and Canary Islands oh and then of course the Red Sea. Hundreds of wonderful dives , many amazing locations, however if I had to pick the one dive that I would love to repeat it would be here at Selsey on the Far Mulberry  when we dived at sunset and surfaced a magical hour later under a perfect September moon. As a Mulberry Divemaster I get the opportunity not only to share good memories but also to help make them - how good is that?"



Elaine Thain - Instructor  - I have been diving since August 2005 and a qualified Divemaster since November 2008.  My dive plans have changed dramatically since first taking my PADI open water course. The intention was to learn to dive in cold UK waters so that I could swim with dolphins – now, with a strange addiction to the cold UK climate and all it has to offer underwater, I get in the water whenever I can but there is nothing quite like that first trip to warm crystal clear waters abroad!  My favourite dive trip was to Sipidan in Northern Borneo in 2009 where turtles and sharks were a regular part of every dive but my favourite experience has to be swimming with Whale sharks in the Philippines. Nothing quite prepares you for that mouth swimming towards you and then gliding straight past without so much as a second glance at the curious human in it’s territory! Watch out, this diving lark is addictive – and yes I did get to swim with dolphins!!!

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