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A SSI Diamond Dive Centre located at East Beach, Selsey, West Sussex, we pride ourselves on focussing on your needs and helping you turn your dreams into reality by providing you with Quality Training, Equipment and Experiences to enjoy the Underwater World.


At the moment we are closed as a non-essential retail business - we hope to re-open on the 15th June based on current guidance. However we are allowed to offer services based on pre-booking by email / internet or phone; customers are not allowed in the dive centre. With the increase in Shore Diving we’ll offer Air Fills as follows:
- Air only for Cylinders in test and good condition
- naked cylinders only; no Wings / Regs on Cylinders as they will need disinfecting
- pre-booked by Facebook Appointment from our Facebook page; we will acknowledge but not necessarily immediately - message if any issues
- payment will be by ringing the dive centre on the day and giving card details - No Cash
- cylinders will need to be left by front door of the dive centre; you will need to wait in your car or go for a walk (all the food shops by us are open) and wait for cylinder to be placed back outside - please make sure we know your cylinder is in the queue before going for a walk
- please no queuing outside the dive centre, it is busy enough with the bakery
- fills will take longer as each Valve will need to be disinfected and there will only be one member of Staff
- this week, we will be open Saturday 
June 6th 1000 to 1400 and Wednesday June 10th 1000 to 1600
- servicing can also be dropped off and collected during these times


Try / Experience Opportunities

Would you like to know what it is like to breathe underwater?  Would you like to experience Weightlessness like an astronaut?

Click the Button to find out more about our Experience Sessions

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We have Gift Certificates so you can buy a very Special present for someone!

Learn to Scuba Dive

Successfully completed a Try Scuba Experience??

 Entry Level Open Water course details

Already a Diver? Ready to Go Diving?

We offer opportunities to dive either from the shore at Selsey or View our Boat Schedule here to reach Wrecks and Scenic Dive sites including the Mixon Hole.

Looking to Expand your Knowledge and Skills?

If you are ready to take your diving adventures further .........then we offer a wide range of SSI Speciality Courses as well as SSI Professional Courses.

We offer courses that help you fine-tune your Diving skills, such as Perfect Buoyancy and Navigation, as well as courses that enable you to utilise different tools such as a Dry Suit. The SSI Training Philosophy is the Diver Diamond comprising Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience; this underpins all the Training and Education we offer.


We have a fully stocked shop offering Mares and Oceanic / Hollis products for all your diving needs and can provide Air and Nitrox fills to 300 bar - in addition we provide equipment servicing and repair.


Transform your life - dive with us.


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